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Quality Kitchen Benchtops & Renovation Services 

What does your kitchen mean to you? A functional area where you end up spending a substantial part of your day? Depending on your needs you may want to add to the functionality of your culinary space, or for that matter add a significant degree of visual vitality to it. No matter how varied your needs are, the Builders Express team is here to help you with all its experience and expertise. We are only offering the highest quality cheap kitchen benchtops & renovations in Penrith.

Kitchen Stone Benchtops & Kitchen Renovations in Penrith with Builders Express

Kitchen renovations, for us, are more than just a job. It’s a craft that we pursue with passion. More than the functional specifications, we understand the “pulse” of places. More than a daily chore, cooking for so many of us remains a passion. However, not all kitchens are designed to accommodate the passion- blame it on their lack of functionality or for that matter the visuals. 

At Builders Express, we treat each and every kitchen as a virtual sanctuary. If cooking is a therapy for you and if you feel that your culinary space is not complimenting your emotional needs – we can transform it just the way you want it. 

Our Work

Take a tour of our gallery and we can tell you that you will end up appreciating the flawless juxtaposition of functionality and visual appeal. That we have ended up achieving with every project we have delivered to date. Notably, our forte ranges from everything starting from modular to outdoor kitchens. We have wide experience of delivering projects of varying sizes at cheap costs. 

The Steps of Renovation 

So, what is it that you’re looking forward to doing with your kitchen? Would you really be satisfied with the change of a few fixtures? Or is it about a complete facelift? 

Read on to know more about the systematic approach adopted by us:

  • The initiation of every project is of course marked by you reaching out to us with your needs.
  • The best is to visit us to see our range and options or email us via our Contact Us
  • Once the initial needs of the project are discussed, we will provide a price and on acceptance will visit your place to take necessary measurements and discuss ways that will complement or enhance its functionality and visual appeal 
  • The actual work of the project starts
  • We will keep you updated with the progress